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As veterans in the world of Internet Marketing, our founders have participated in the development of the first email verification system back in the year 2002. The need was for our internal usages to run on our own websites to validate data before allowing it to enter our database. After all, our clients at that time were some of the largest online aggregators in the world such as Lending Tree, Citibank Platinum Visa Card Issuer, Chase Bank, CarsDirect, Lexington Law, CreditRepair.com, Car.com and a host of other fortune 500 companies who shaped the online financial services industry into the multi-billion dollar industry that it is today! Selling these types of companies bad data was a sure way to lose multi-million dollar contracts that we had in place with them for many years.

eMail Address Validation has become so much more important nowadays since most ISPs have conquered the Spam issues of the past decade with more robust measures that prevent unwanted emails from entering the inboxes of their users. One of the most easily identifiable signs of Spam, is when emailers send requests to ISP’s to deliver email to their servers but many of the requests are for email addresses that no longer exist. With the thought process that, ‘if you were sending legitimate email to people who actually wanted it, wouldn’t you know if their email address was valid or not before you sent the message to them?’ Otherwise, well… you must be a spammer who simply purchased or stole the email addresses from some other source other than collecting them at your own website where consumers noticeably opt-in. So, ACCESS DENIED!

Our Process is Simple! Simply upload your data file containing email addresses, and any other columns of information that are important to you will not be disturbed. We will check the file first for commonly known syntax errors and automatically correct them. Then the system will begin the Validation Process by ‘knocking on the door’ of each ISP and ask one simple question: “Is this a valid email address on your network?”. If the answer is “Yes”, and the email box is open and in good standing to receive emails delivered, then we will update your file with a new column entitled “eMail Is Valid”, and add the words either “Yes” or “No” adjacent to each record. Simple.

Exporting Your List back to yourself is easy and straight forward: Simply enter the email address where you would like to receive notifications of completed files processed, and as soon as the process if completed, you will receive an email letting you know. Just click the download link within the email and your file will download instantly to your hard drive. Unless you setup an account, we do not store your emails on our server, so you will have a limited amount of time to download the exported file before they are automatically deleted.

Setting Up an Account is Easy! Just select a Username and Passcode during the checkout process and we will save your files for you indefinitely.

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